Multi-modal telepresence, virtual and augmented reality

Lead academic: Professor Manuel Giuliani, Professor Bob Stone
Partner lead: University of the West of England Bristol, University of Birmingham

WP8 will develop novel human-robot control interfaces for nuclear applications. We will work closely with WP1 to involve end users in a human-centred design process to identify user requirements, tasks to be carried out, and user experience factors, e.g. perceived safety, situational awareness, trust, workload, stress, and monotony.

State-of-the-art haptic exoskeleton arms and hands. These devices enable the operator to “feel” the objects encountered by the remote slave arm and hand.
Augmented reality. What the AI can see, is projected and superimposed over the human operator’s CCTV camera view. The AI plans a grasp, and projects this as a virtual robot hand into the image. The human acknowledges that the proposed grasp is safe, and permits the robot to execute the autonomous grasp.