Mobility and navigation

Lead academic: Professor Marc Hanheide and Dr Michael Mistry
Partner lead:  University of Lincoln and University of Edinburgh

Work package six addresses robust and adaptive locomotion and navigation of robots in uncertain, sensory-degraded and unstructured environments to i) integrate (semi) autonomous navigation and motion planning to reduce operator cognitive load and to enable platforms to autonomously recover from hazardous situations, ii) develop a novel terrain assessment and traversability analysis framework, built upon vehicle-specific assessment functions (for legged, flying, wheeled and tracked platforms) that explicitly assess robot reversibility to minimise risk of platform loss, iii) develop robust algorithms for state-estimation, control and trajectory planning, handling sensory deficiencies and uncertainty. Note that recovery of vehicles is one of the most critically important issues for nuclear end-users. As well as mock-up nuclear test arenas at University of Birmingham and University of Bristol, robot vehicles will be test-deployed in the unique Fukushima mock-ups at JAE Naraha Remote Technology Development Centre, MARS-rover test-facilities at NASA JPL, and in underwater testing facilities at James Fisher Nuclear and Atlas Elektonik.