Industry-defined use-case scenarios

Lead academic: Professor Manuel Giuliani and Professor Tony Pipe
Partner lead: University of the West of England, Bristol
Industry collaboration: Sellafield Ltd, NNL Ltd, Rolls Royce, EDF, Nuvia, NDA and JAEA

Work package one defines a set of industry use-case scenarios to drive all Hub research and builds plant representative demonstrator facilities for performance evaluation of Hub robots. Industry partners will define additional use-cases as the Hub evolves.

  1. Characterisation – generating 3D models of environments; modelling, recognition and semantic labelling of objects; detection of radiation levels, contaminants, other parameters (thermal, chemical), and intelligently attaching these data to 3D geometrical scene models.
  2. Waste handling – developing methods for grasping, cutting and manipulating.
  • Cell decommissioning – dismantling and packaging contaminated pipes, vessels and steelwork in enclosed spaces, integrating multiple complex tasks (navigating, perceiving, holding, cutting and manipulating).
  1. Underwater interventions – underwater operations are needed, from observation and mapping to complex underwater manipulations.
  2. UAV based site monitoring – for routine monitoring as well as emergency response.
  3. In service monitoring and maintenance – nuclear power plants and PLEX.
  • Robotics needs of new-build reactors – evolving during the course of the Hub – how to best design new-build plants to facilitate robotic operations.