Partner University Birmingham Logo

University of Birmingham

The University Of Birmingham Extreme Robotics Lab (ERL) is one of Europe’s most prominent research labs dedicated to nuclear and other extreme environment applications of advanced robotics and AI.

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Partner Bristol University Logo

University of Bristol

Working on a wide range of challenges covering both hardware and software aspects of robotics: sensing, perception, reasoning, cooperation, control and actuation.

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Partner Edinburgh

University of Edinburgh

The Edinburgh Centre for Robotics is leading in the UK effort to realise its industrial potential in this revolution, by producing a new generation of highly skilled researchers, trained to take a central role through technical skill coupled to industry and market awareness.

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Partner Lancaster University Logo

Lancaster University

Developing intelligent control systems for robots. These are for use in unstructured, uncertain and hostile environments.

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Partner Essex University Logo

University of Essex

Carrying out research in the areas of Embedded Systems and System-on-Chip design with focus on security, power, performance and reliability, advanced embedded systems and processor architectures.

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Partner Queen Mary Logo

Queen Mary University of London

The Centre for Advanced Robotics @ Queen Mary (ARQ) is a cross-faculty multidisciplinary research centre. ARQ aims to bring Queen Mary robotics activities under one roof.

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Partner University Of Lincoln Logo

University of Lincoln

L-CAS specialises in technologies for perception, learning, decision-making, control and interaction in autonomous systems, especially mobile robots and robotic manipulators.

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Partner Uwe Logo

University of the West of England

Bristol Robotics Laboratory (BRL) is the most comprehensive academic centre for multi-disciplinary robotics research in the UK. It is a collaborative partnership between the University of the West of England (UWE Bristol) and the University of Bristol.

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